Skin burning sensation after liposuction due to girdle

Skin burning sensation after liposuction due to girdle

After liposuction, you would be required to wear compression garments or a girdle to help you recuperate faster and safer. Because of this tight support to the areas of the bodies that were treated during the surgery, a patient might feel awkward and she might experience a skin consuming sensation.

While it is fully required to wear the support after the liposuction procedure, wearing it too tight may make this issue. The cases of wearing girdle vary from one patient to another. There are few surgeons that will advise wearing the girdle for half a month, 12 hours a day while other would require wearing it for months. It depends on your body how well you react to the surgery as well as the subtle factors and condition.

The tightness of the support can cause a skin consuming sensation or even loss of skin. If you are feeling too uncomfortable, you can talk to your surgeon so that he/she can do something to help lessen your inconvenience. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t just stop wearing girdle just because you feel uncomfortable. Let your surgeon tailor a program and a technique that you can use to lessen the skin burning sensation while still taking care of the treated areas after liposuction.

Skin burning sensation after liposuction due to girdle
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