Tummy tuck procedure steps

Tummy tuck procedure steps

The famous tummy tuck surgery is performed by Board Certified surgeons under general anesthesia or using IV sedation. Though you will have an initial consultation with your attending surgeon for you to know about all the details that are associated with the procedure, it is always better to know and review the steps that you would undergo:

  • The plastic surgeon will start the procedure by creating an incision that is parallel to the area between the belly button and pubic bone. It depends on the amount of fat and skin tissue that needs to be removed on how long will your scar be.
  • Next, the surgeon will remove the excess skin and fat.
  • If your condition requires, the surgeon will also do something to your abdominal wall. The muscles will also be tightened.
  • If you’re undergoing a full tummy tuck, a new incision will be made around the belly button. This opens an opportunity to the surgeon to remove the sagging skin from the upper region of the abdomen.
  • Once all the surplus skin and adipose tissue are removed, the incisions will be sutured.

You will notice a few changes the following day after the surgery. However, the full result will only be seen after a month or even more.

Tummy tuck procedure steps
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