Brazilian butt lift and buttocks tone

Brazilian butt lift and buttocks tone

The Brazilian butt lift is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to tone and make your butt appear youthful, sensual and fuller. It is popular among women as helps deliver a voluptuous and beautiful body figure. Unlike implant procedures that involve artificial devices, Brazilian butt lift involves using a patient’s own body fats to make the buttocks sexier and rounder. It means the body must have excess fat deposits in order to qualify for this surgery. Patients can expect a more natural look after the procedure. It is also proven safe.

If you have one or more of the following conditions, then Brazilian butt lift can be an effective way to tone your rear end.

1. Asymmetrical butt

2. Round or square buttocks

3. Flat or smaller butt with good skin tone

You can expect these conditions to subside after successful operation. Your skilled surgeon will tailor specific approaches and techniques to your condition. What you expect as a result would be considered while performing the surgery.

Though the techniques of each surgeon may vary from one to another, here is a list of the usual procedures that will dramatically deliver the aimed result.

The surgery usually starts with fat extraction from different regions of the body. The fat will be purified to remove unhealthy or damaged cells.

Normally, 25-30% of the total fat extracted will be qualified for transfer. An average amount of 800 cc will then be injected to each buttock, especially on the areas that need contouring.

During the process, the surgeon will use the tailored techniques and programs that are made upon patient’s full assessment to ensure that your butt will appear lifted, fuller and rounder and of course, sensual.

As a final step, the incisions will be sutured and you will be transferred to the recovery area.

Brazilian butt lift and buttocks tone
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