Wonder breast revision

Wonder breast revision

Breast enhancement procedures are no doubt associated with a number of risks and complications. While there are some issues that are considered minor, there are cases when a revision surgery is extremely needed.

Among the most common conditions that require a revision surgery is symmastia, bottoming out of the breasts and implant rupture. There are those that want to undergo a revision surgery simply because they are not happy or satisfied with the results.

What is the difference between the Traditional Breast Revision and the Wonder Breast Revision?

The traditional breast revision is devised to treat the conditions that are caused by complications. It also restores the aesthetic beauty of the breasts through reconstruction. However, it does not provide a long term result. Why? This is because the traditional procedure only removes or replaces the implant without reconstructing other important parts like the suspension ligaments.

On the other hand, the wonder breast revision treats the unfortunate result of your previous surgery and effectively restores your aesthetic appearance as well. The wonder breast revision also treats complications like the variation in implant position, flared areola, breast implant rupture, symmastia, capsular contracture, rippling and infections.

Dr. Cortes ensures that he will provide you with better implants, treat the side effects and deliver you sustainable and permanent results.

Wonder breast revision
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