Wonder breast augmentation

Wonder breast augmentation

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most favorite cosmetic surgeries as it enhances the size of the breasts and improves their aesthetic appearance. This surgery involves the use of implants in order to deliver the patient’s goal.

With the main goal of making his clients happy and satisfied, Dr. Cortes has developed the wonder breast technique. While most women believe that it is always better to have bigger breasts, not all patients can just choose the size of implants that they want and undergo surgery. Dr. Cortes thinks that it is not the rule. There are many factors to be considered first.

The wonder breast augmentation is highly recommended for patients who want to have more generous breast dimensions. Dr. Cortés uses a very technically focused approach in planning individual breast augmentation. He carefully and thoroughly assesses each and every patient and then prepares a well-tailored program. He also guides his patients when it comes to choosing the type and size of implant to ensure both the safety of the patient and their satisfaction after the surgery.

During the surgery, Dr. Cortés typically places the implant behind the muscle to increase the bra cup size. Breast implants used today are FDA-approved medical devices. They have a silicone shell filled with saline intraoperatively or prefilled with silicone by the manufacturer. Science and multiple studies have proven beyond reasonable doubt that breast implants do not cause any chronic medical diseases, cancer, etc.

However, patients are advised that the wonder breast augmentation is not the solution for extremely saggy breasts. If the amount of sagginess is in its advanced level, the wonder breast lift surgery would be highly recommended.

Wonder breast augmentation
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