Wonder breast lift and augmantation

Wonder breast lift and augmantation

Two of the main causes of sagging breasts are pregnancy and weight loss. These conditions can trigger a decrease in volume and loss of skin tone. It also weakens the breasts’ connection to the muscles.

Fortunately, women who are not happy with this condition can turn to a combination of wonder breast lift with augmentation to make their breasts look aesthetically appealing once more. Dr. Cortes had already tested and proven this method to help patients regain and even revamp sagging breasts.

The wonder lift with augmentation is performed using a set of unique techniques that deliver sustainable aesthetic results. As a patient, you will be thoroughly guided to choose the most appropriate implants based on your needs. By choosing the right sized implants, you can not only gain a better projection, you can also solve your sagging breasts issues.

One more thing that you’ll love more with this combined procedure is that that it prevents conditions wherein the implant bottomed out after weight loss. Dr. Cortes makes it sure that he uses suture suspension to avoid implant bottoming out during the recovery period. Because the implants are fully supported, it lessens the risk of implant rippling.

Wonder breast lift and augmantation
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