Butt augmentation with cement

Butt augmentation with cement

Buttock augmentation with cement had been a big topic back in 2011 when a woman from Florida had her life in danger because of the deadly mix of bond, mineral oil and super paste that was injected into her buttocks.

There are popular butt augmentation procedures in the market which can help you achieve what you desire. Even if you want it so bad at the moment, do not risk your life by diving into cheap butt enhancement procedures that are not approved by the FDA and by medical associations. You might not have the cash you needed right now, but you can save and get your goal in the right time.

Keep in mind that substances like bond, fluid silicone infusion, super paste and hydrogel can kill you. You might spend less on the procedure but you would be required to spend more when the complications developed.

Before anything else, do your research about the medical procedures, as well as the surgeon that will perform the butt augmentation. It is your sole responsibility to make a decision for yourself that would define your life in the future.

Butt augmentation with cement
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