Why her buttocks is bigger

Why her buttocks is bigger

After butt augmentation surgery, it comes almost natural for a patient to compare her results to her friends or relatives who have undergone the same procedure. If someone has gotten your desired result, it doesn’t mean that you will also get it as the result of surgery depends on a number of factors such as the skin anatomy, skin tightness, fat distribution, level of projection and the abdominal wall.

Even if your factors are as the same of others, theoretically, you will still get a different result. You have to keep in mind that each individual is different.

If you do not embrace realistic expectations before the surgery, you will have a hard time achieving satisfaction after.

As a surgeon, I can only make you look a better you but I cannot make you look like somebody else. You have to understand the amount of fat that can be injected varies based on location, amount, and weight, among other things. Though you may not look like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, you will certainly look better than before especially if you choose a plastic surgeon that understands all the factors involved.

Why her buttocks is bigger
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