Soft tissue relaxation after a tummy tuck

Soft tissue relaxation after a tummy tuck

The tummy tuck procedure primarily aims to give the patient a tighter belly. However, the result of the surgery depends on a number of factors. The elasticity and tone of the skin play a big role here.

Those patients with poor skin elasticity often have stretch marks above their belly button. You have to know that when you have this condition, you are more vulnerable to experience having soft tissue relaxation after the surgery. Those with stretch marks below their belly button have a lesser risk of having this condition.

If you develop soft tissue relaxation, it means that your skin tone is poor. Any skin that still has stretch marks is weak. When tension is applied to the skin, it creates small areas of soft tissue laxity after the surgery. The more skin you cut, the higher the horizontal scar you can get after the tummy tuck surgery. So in case you develop a slight looseness after the procedure, there will be the presence of excess skin. This, of course, must be removed meaning you have to undergo a revision surgery.

Soft tissue relaxation after a tummy tuck
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