Can you feel butt implants when sitting down

Can you feel butt implants when sitting down

Many women dreamed to have an aesthetically round, big and appealing buttocks. While some are too lucky and born with it, others have to rely on surgery to achieve that voluptuous behind! If performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon, buttock implant is one of the surgeries that can deliver effective and reliable aesthetic outcomes.

Butt implant surgery patients are required not to sit for at least three weeks. This is to avoid pressure on the implants. Among the most commonly asked questions about butt implants is whether the patient will feel the implants when sitting down. However, the answer to this question depends on a number of factors.

Most of the patients do not feel the butt implants when sitting down; however, there are also cases where patients can strongly feel the implants in the buttocks. The size of the implants, placement of implants, and type and size of incisions, as well as how well the butt implant surgery is performed are among the top reasons why a patient can feel the butt implants when they are sitting down.

During the first few months following the surgery, you may feel heaviness and discomfort in your buttocks. As time goes by, your body will accept the implants and make room for itself to adjust. After three months, everything may start feeling natural to you. However, if the patients can still feel the butt implants when sitting down even after many months, the condition can be permanent. It can be treated through a revision surgery, though.

How can you avoid this condition?

  1. Choose a reliable and trusted surgeon will make sure that you heal properly.
  2. Choose implants that suit your buttock dimensions, anatomy and body profile.
  3. Discuss with your surgeon to have the implants placed within the butt muscles.


Can you feel butt implants when sitting down
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