Side effects of illegal buttock injections

Side effects of illegal buttock injections

Butt augmentation procedure is famous and in demand today and it can be quite costly. Most women dream to have perfectly shaped buttocks but not all of them can afford the cost. That is why the use of illegal silicone injections for butt cheek enhancement has dramatically risen in the US. If you’re planning to opt for illegal silicone injections to achieve your individual body goals, then you might want to know the real dangers that are associated with this option.

The use of illegal silicone injections can cause plenty of life-debilitating issues such as solidifying of the buttocks’ tissue and infections. It can also trigger complications with the respiratory system and blood clots that can sometimes be fatal.

When this illegal silicone is injected into your body, you are getting yourself vulnerable to the following dangers:

  • Pneumonic embolism
  • kidney issues, infections
  • disease
  • development of bumps under the skin
  • sensory system harm
  • midsection pain
  • respiratory issues
  • draining
  • scarring
  • soreness of the treated zone
  • get poor results (one butt cheek is bigger or higher than the other)

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) strictly prohibits the use of silicone injections. The substances that are used for these injections are extremely dangerous. Studies have found out that these infusions generally use non-medicinal silicone or silicone meant for mechanical purposes. You are a human, not a car. These substances are proven to be unhygienic. Even the American Society for Esthetic Plastic Surgery alerts people on how dangerous these illegal silicone injections are.

Side effects of illegal buttock injections
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