Antibiotics after the tummy tuck procedure

Antibiotics after the tummy tuck procedure

Antibiotics are most commonly used after plastic surgery procedures like tummy tuck. Your medical practitioner may prescribe you antibiotics subsequent to procedure for your safety against potential infections. The tummy tuck is the main operation that entails the surgical elimination of the excess skin from your abdomen, aside from firming the abdominal wall muscles.

The opening and surgical strain engaged in the procedure put your body susceptible to potential infections. Thus, it is vital to make a layer of defense in your body prior to infection strikes you. The antibiotics create that layer of defense before and after the surgery. If you’re vigorous and without contamination, the most vital antibiotic for you is the directed intravenously right before the tummy tuck.

In general, cephalosporin is prescribed by means of IV instantly before the surgery. There are surgeons that choose to provide it before the surgery. Up till now, making use of antibiotics is being argued. There are surgeons telling it’s not required for patients to take antibiotics after the tummy tuck. They debate saying there aren’t any evidence antibiotics can stop infections. Based on my experience, antibiotics are effective in terms of protecting susceptible bodies against infections after the tummy tuck.

However, I persuade my patients to avoid prolonged use of antibiotics because it can lead to complications like diarrhea and vaginal yeast infections. It can also make your body at risk to antibiotic-resistant MRSA bacteria. I follow the national quality standards that don’t permit antibiotics use for over 5-7 days after the procedure.

Prophylactic antibiotics are preventive antibiotics that are one of the usual antibiotics prescribed to tummy tuck patients to protect their body from contracting infections. Patients should follow the use of the antibiotics according to the instruction and recommended time period.

Antibiotics after the tummy tuck procedure
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