Cellulite after buttock augmentation

Cellulite after buttock augmentation

The main objective of the Brazilian buttock augmentation is to provide you a fuller, healthier, rounder buttock. Patients come to the clinic for various reasons, and one concern is cellulite in the buttocks. One of the main reasons why patients opt to undergo this procedure is because of the cellulite in the buttocks.

One of the areas where patients develop cellulitis is the buttock area, as well as the thigh and hip area. This is caused by herniation of fat cells through the fibrous tissue of the fascia that surrounds the fat. The appearance of cellulite varies depending on the patient.

Patients who’ve lost some weight often experience buttock deflation, accentuating areas of cellulite due to relaxation of the skin. There are those that have indentations from connections, from the deep muscle all the way to the skin level.

There are patients that believe that their surgeons can make their buttock look rounder by injecting each area of cellulite. While it’s true that cellulite can get better with injection of the fat, they will never be completely removed with this procedure.

So before the surgery, you must be aware that if you have cellulite and you augment the buttock, you are still going to have an augmented buttock with slight improvement in cellulite, or you still are going to have cellulite.

Cellulite after buttock augmentation
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