What is the brazilian butt lift

What is the brazilian butt lift

In the US, Brazilian butt lift or more commonly known as the fat transfer is among the most popular cosmetic procedures. According to statistics, thousands of women undergo this intervention every year. When patients are asked, they usually answer that they want to achieve the buttocks of their dreams to boost their physical appearance and self-confidence.

Brazilian butt lift is an effective surgery to enhance your rear ends and transform your body from a square shape to the ideal hourglass figure. The intervention involves the use of liposuction method to remove the excess fat from the donor regions of your body.

Before the transfer of the fat on areas that need enhancement, the harvested fats will be purified first. Many patients ask how much fat can be injected into their buttocks to achieve their desired outcome. However, the fat transfer depends on a number of factors. You will be thoroughly assessed and the surgeon will explain to you the pros and cons of the procedure, as well as the associated risk and complication. Generally, how much fat exactly you will need depends on your realistic goals, the aesthetic condition of your buttocks, and of course, the availability of excess fat in your body.

What is the brazilian butt lift
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