Can i get 2000 cc of fat to each buttock

Can i get 2000 cc of fat to each buttock

Most patients believe that they can easily get a large behind based on their expectations. There are even those that claim that they’ve got 2000 cc of fat injected into each buttock. However, there are surgeons and even patients that contradict these claims.

When it comes to butt projection, there are various factors to consider such as the anatomy of the buttock’s muscles, the tightness of the skin and how much projection you have before the surgery. When it comes to buttock augmentation, a higher number of cc doesn’t always mean you’ll get bigger results.

The fat that needs to be injected must be processed. It must have a recipient bed with rich blood supply to survive. The maximum amount of fat that is injected varies from case to case to avoid complications. The injected fat is alive and there’s always the possibility that it will be reabsorbed by the body. It means that the more fat your surgeon inject in a particular area of your buttock, the less chance the fat is going to survive.

Patients cannot simply decide or choose the amount of fat to be injected in their buttock. Just think about it like a cup of water. You can only put enough on the space available or the water will spill, right?

When your surgeon injects more fat than the available space in your buttock, the skin expands and it causes increased pressure around the soft tissue. Just because your friend received a specific amount of fat does not mean you should get the same.


Can i get 2000 cc of fat to each buttock
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