Top 9 things you didn’t know about your breasts

Top 9 things you didn’t know about your breasts

Both men and women are getting extremely interested when the topic is about breasts. Well, we can’t deny that. But when it comes to the breast subject, do you think you already know everything you need to know?

In reality, there are things that even women take for granted when it comes to their breasts. Here fun facts about breasts that are supported by researches and studies.

  1. While they wear it all the time, women are rarely able to measure their breasts properly.
  2. Women think of buying more bras than they really need.
  3. Many women are not satisfied with their breasts.
  4. Breast stimulation really happens.
  5. When doing physical exercises or strenuous activities, the breasts normally hurt.
  6. There are incredibly large and natural breasts.
  7. Breasts have slight asymmetries. They are sisters and not twins.
  8. Breast augmentation is very popular, especially in the United States.
  9. Every day, plenty of women undergo breast augmentation surgery around the world.

The human breasts are really amazing. And though you think you know everything, it feels amusing to learn new things about breasts from time to time!

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