Butt augmentation – candidate for surgery

Butt augmentation – candidate for surgery

Just because you want to and you have the money to pay for it, it doesn’t mean that you would be instantly qualified to undergo butt augmentation, as with any other surgical procedures. Here are the top factors that determine if the candidate is ideal or not for the surgery:

People suffering from chronic diseases such as pulmonary afflictions, diabetes, arterial hypertension, obesity, severe depression and malnutrition must informed their surgeon about their medical history. Surgeons will then perform a thorough assessment and then decide whether there’s a good chance or not.

Excessive smokers and alcohol drinkers are not ideal candidates, too. Not unless they are willing to abstain from smoking and drinking before undergoing surgery. Surgeons usually require their patients to stop their vices two weeks prior and after the procedure. There are studies that show that smokers can develop skin necrosis 15 times more frequently than butt augmentation patients who do not smoke.

How does the ideal candidate for butt augmentation look like?

• Patients with good mental and physical condition are the best candidates. They are the ones who generally live a balanced and healthy life.

• Patients with realistic expectations about result of the surgery

• Patients who are ready to undergo level of post-operative pain and discomfort and those who are open to potential complications After a detailed assessment, surgeons often recommend to their patients to consider some lifestyle changes before scheduling the date for the intervention.

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