The wish picture on buttock augmentation

The wish picture on buttock augmentation

Every patient that is interested in any cosmetic surgery usually has set her expectations of the result before going to the clinic. This expectation is also called as a wish picture. And though this wish picture usually affects the patient’s happiness and satisfaction after the surgery, it is very useful in my practice.

Here’s why.

  1. I can easily determine the shape you want.
  2. I can know how full you want your buttock to look.
  3. I can assess if a patient has realistic expectations.

If you come to the clinic with a wish picture, I can’t guarantee that I can give you the perfect picture in your mind, like those that you see in celebrities or on Instagram. If you have an unrealistic expectation, I can tell you with all honesty what I can humanly do, with your safety always as the top priority. I won’t risk my name just to give you the wish picture you have unless it is proven to be achievable after assessment. Like I always said, the results of cosmetic surgeries vary from one patient to another. I can guarantee you one thing, I will do the best that I can with your body and you will see improvements.

The wish picture on buttock augmentation
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