The massage after the breast augmentation procedure

The massage after the breast augmentation procedure

Once you undergo breast augmentation procedure, there is a chance that you will suffer from capsular contracture. One way to keep away from this scenario is to perform breast massages after the surgery. Breast massage is beneficial for it decreases swelling, it breaks the scar that forms in the healing process, and it helps in breast settlement after the surgery.

You are recommended to do breast massage within 24 hours after the surgery. What you should do is to stretch your arms all the way up with your elbows straight. Take note to touch each side of the hand above the head. Do this in an up and down motion numerous times which should last for five to ten minutes. It is advisable for you to take a shower using warm water to soften the tissues. You have to massage your breasts by squeezing them.

Remember to follow the recommendation of your surgeon. It is only after three to four days that you can start sleeping in your chest. Never consider sleeping on your side to avoid making your breast implants descend in an incorrect anatomical place. To avoid capsular contracture, you have to follow this simple guide. You should continue doing the massages even up to a year to make sure that there will be no complications.

The massage after the breast augmentation procedure
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