Preparing for breast augmentation surgery

Preparing for breast augmentation surgery

As a major operation, patients who will undergo breast augmentation surgery must carefully consider and follow the precautions in order to have a smooth, quick and safe recovery. This stage is considered stressful by most patients.

So here are some tips to help you prepare for the breast augmentation surgery.

Are you psychologically prepared for the surgery? This is considered as one of most important aspect of preparation. To achieve this state, you must ask your surgeon about all of your concerns. You must be able to know the difference of myth from the truth in order for you to set a realistic expectation. Studies prove that patients who are psychologically prepared for the surgery showed faster period of healing and recovery.

Aside from the patient’s cognitive and emotional well, here is a list of important tips in order to prepare for the breast augmentation surgery:

• Take the lab tests and scans required before the surgery.

• Avoid smoking for one month after the surgery in order to speed up the healing process.

• Your surgeon may recommend that you stop taking certain medications that may affect the surgery or the post-surgery healing.

• You will be required to stop eating or drinking anything several hours before the surgery.

• You should take shower and properly wash your body – particularly the breasts – prior to the surgery.

• Do not wear jewelry, makeup or nail polish on the day of the surgery. Make sure to take prescribed medications on time and in accordance with your surgeon’s instructions.

• You need to remove your contact lenses during the surgery. • Wear loose and comfortable clothing on the day of the surgery.

• Do exercise because it can improve your blood circulation and lung function. • Make sure to let your doctor know about your medical history. • Make sure to bring all the necessary documents needed for the procedure.

• Have someone to accompany you to the hospital, and bring you home and assist you in the 48 hour period after the surgery.

Preparing for breast augmentation surgery
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