The importance of girdles after liposuction

The importance of girdles after liposuction

After liposuction, a patient will be required to wear a girdle or a compression garment straight from the surgery room. The main purpose is to correct the natural shape of the body as well as to take care of the tissues after the intervention. It almost becomes as the second skin of the patient and it must be worn for a period of time as per advice by your surgeon.

Wearing a girdle also helps in preventing edema and hernia that can occur in the surgical site. It can also lessen the discomfort and pain brought by swelling. Many patients claimed to feel more comfortable walking around wearing the compression garment as they seem to constantly get a massage. A girdle also helps in restoring the normal blood circulation. It also feels easier to shower and move around.

Just make sure to choose a girdle that is made up of a new generation of permeable materials that don’t stretch with time. It will be worn for quite a long time. You are not only avoiding discomfort and the risk of infection; you are also speeding up your recovery period.

The importance of girdles after liposuction
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