The square shaped buttock

The square shaped buttock

Having square shaped buttocks is common to a lot of patients, more particularly to those who have gained considerable weight. Because A-shaped buttock is the epitome of a beautiful buttock, most patients want to undergo surgery to improve their profile.

How would you know if you have a square shaped buttock? Here’s a sample figure.

If we draw one line on top of the buttocks, one on the middle, and one at the bottom, the lengths are essentially the same. Fortunately, this shape can be easily corrected surgically by a well-experienced surgeon.

A patient with square shaped buttocks usually has a not so tight skin. The process starts by performing liposuction at the top. This aims to shorten the horizontal distance on top of the buttock. By correcting the proportion of the top to the lower part, I can create an hourglass shape or A-shape buttocks, depending on what you desire.

If the skin tone of the patient is not that tight, an hourglass shape can easily be created as well by injecting fat in the middle third of the buttock. Patients with square shaped buttocks have the higher chance of achieving perfect A-shaped buttocks than those with V-shaped buttocks.

The square shaped buttock
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