Recovery from a tummy tuck

Recovery from a tummy tuck

After the tummy tuck procedure, your discipline and compliance to everything that your surgeon recommended for your recovery is extremely essential. In general, you need to take two weeks off from your work or from doing any stressful activity.

During the first week, you must ensure that you are well-hydrated and that you do light activities like walking to avoid blood clots and other complications. Just make sure that you do not walk straight you do not walk straight as pressure can create openings in the incision and widen the scar.

You have to avoid lifting heavy objects for the first six weeks. However, you can start doing light cardio exercises after a month.

Incorporate drinking plenty of fluids and eating a soft diet in the first week. Avoid fatty foods like hamburger as they can trigger nausea. Foods that are highly recommended are soups, mashed potatoes and other drinks like juice. On the second week, you can slowly incorporate a more solid diet.

You will not completely recover in two weeks as it takes about nine months for all the swelling to be gone. Over time, you’re still going to feel lumpy, bumpy, and uneven in some areas. However, you can see improvements within the first month.

Recovery from a tummy tuck
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