Revision of brazilian butt lift

Revision of brazilian butt lift

Brazilian butt lift surgery is devised for women who want to achieve their desire aesthetic shape. Not only does this surgery add projection to a woman’s buttocks, it also gives a sexy, curvy and appealing look.

However, the appearance of a lifted buttock cannot last for a lifetime. Of course, there are certain factors that affect the result of the Brazilian butt lift surgery such as aging, weight fluctuations and gravity. Board certified plastic surgeons are required to tell their patients in advance about the pros and cons of the procedures in order for them to have realistic expectations.

If you already had a Brazilian butt lift surgery and you are not satisfied with the initial results, your surgeon can still help you to perform corrective measures. Fortunately, there are existing revision surgeries that can be done to finally achieve the desired aesthetic goal by dealing with the inadequacies of the previous surgery.

However, you must keep in mind that there exist powerful factors that can still affect the improvements brought by this procedure.

Aging gradually makes your buttocks sag and the injected fat in your butt will decrease in volume. Weight loss is another major factor. As you lose weight, the fat will shrink and it will also decrease in volume. The shape of your buttocks will be affected, too.

The result of the first surgery will be sustainable as long as you keep a stable weight. But if it’s not the case and you are no longer happy with the result, you can consider a revision surgery after a year. Just remember that you must have a realistic goal and patience as the revision surgery’s full result may take up to a year before being noticed.

Revision of brazilian butt lift
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