Cellulite and buttock augmentation

Cellulite and buttock augmentation

Buttock augmentation has a primary objective of providing a fuller, rounder and healthier buttock. While this is mostly the main reason why patients become interested in the procedure, cellulite in the buttocks is always in the picture, too.

Among the usual regions of the body where a person develops cellulitis is the buttock area, then next in the hips and the thighs. Cellulite appears in different forms, depending on the patient. Some areas with cellulite are accentuated due to weight loss and deflation while others were results of indentations from connections, from the deep muscle all the way to the skin level.

During a fat transfer method, the cellulite gets better along the process but is not necessarily treated. Buttock augmentation is not a treatment for cellulite; however, the intervention can make it more aesthetically welcoming. Since butt augmentation will stretch the skin of your buttock, there will be an improved appearance to areas where there is cellulite. Since the main goal of buttock augmentation is to enhance the volume and shape of your buttocks, keep in mind that if you have cellulite, they will not be removed by the treatment.


Cellulite and buttock augmentation
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