Buttock liquid silicone injections part 6 – granuloma formation

Buttock liquid silicone injections part 6 – granuloma formation

Many patients, especially women, choose the more affordable liquid silicone injections to achieve their dream figure. Because the FDA certified buttock enhancement procedures come quite expensive especially for the common people, there are patients who blindly go for this illegal thing, hoping to have what they always want for their buttocks.

It is a common fact that liquid silicone injection is associated with a lot of deadly risks and complications, the Silicone Granumola as the top alarming condition.

Also called as difficult hubs, this condition destroys the arrangement of scar tissue that protects the framework parts of the buttocks components. When this condition is neglected, this can really be fatal.

The development of Granumola is another normal complexity that can happen after buttock liquid silicone infusion. When this illegal substance is injected into the butt, your resistant framework responds in a similar way. The degree of the complication depends on the volume of the foreign substance that is injected into your body.

If you have been injected with this silicone liquid and nothing happened to you, don’t be so sure as the complications of this wrongdoing can happen even 15 years later.

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