Abdominal drains for a tummy tuck

Abdominal drains for a tummy tuck

When a person undergoes a tummy tuck procedure, there are possible complications that might lead to seromas if abdominal drains is not performed. Right after the surgery, a certain amount of tissue rises from the abdominal wall.

Surgeons deal with this situation by placing drains in the abdomen after the tummy tuck procedure. This is to remove the unnecessary fluids that have been accumulated during and after the process. This is also to avoid further fluid collection to achieve better results. How many drains are usually being put inside the abdomen? In most cases, licensed surgeons place two drains. If the first one gets dislodged, the second one would still function as intended to avoid possible health complications during the recovery period.

Draining significant amount of fluid usually take 7 to 10 days. The drains can be removed only if the surgeons see that the there is less than 30 cc in the drainage. The color of the drains is also another sign if they are needed to be removed or not.

To ensure utmost, safety, result and recovery after a tummy tuck surgery, placing abdominal drains is a must. It stops fluid collection and it helps subside the cavity that was accumulated from the surgery.

Abdominal drains for a tummy tuck
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