Pros and cons of saline breast implants

Pros and cons of saline breast implants

Based on studies, one of the factors that usually affect the self confidence of a woman is the size and shape of her breasts. Luckily, there are wonders of cosmetic surgery that can increase the breast size and also provide a better shape. Among the most popular method being used today is the breast augmentation with saline breast implant.

If you’re an interested patient, it is important to know the pros and cons of this procedure before making a final decision.

Here are the pros:

  • Saline breast implants contain saline solutions that are comprised with natural substances that can either be consumed or expelled by the body safely in case implant ruptures occur.
  • The empty silicone shells are first placed inside of the breasts via small incisions before being filled with saline solution. This allows the surgeon to make adjustments to the implants’ sizes in such a flexible manner.
  • Saline breast implant surgery requires smaller incisions than others which mean you’ll have smaller and less visible scars.
  • Since the substances that make up the saline solution can be naturally absorb by the body, implant rupture can be easily diagnosed and treated.
  • Compared to other kinds of breast implant, saline implants is rarely associated with the risk of having capsular contracture.
  • Saline breast implants come more affordable than silicone breast implants.

Here are the cons:

  • The major drawback of saline breast implants is that they tend to appear and feel unnatural. Some even describe that the breasts look like a balloon filled with water.
  • If you desire to have a certain shape of breasts, then you must know that saline implants can only produce round shaped breasts.
  • Saline breast implants shows a higher tendency to ripple than silicone breast implants. However, it can be avoided by placing the saline breast implants underneath the breast muscle for maximum tissue coverage.
Pros and cons of saline breast implants
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