How to prevent infection after breast augmentation

How to prevent infection after breast augmentation

Patients who have undergone breast augmentation procedure are always at risk of possible infection. However, you can help prevent it by following the precautionary measures and by knowing the right things to do.

Here are the signs and symptoms that indicate an underlying infection:

  • fever
  • discomfort
  • pain
  • nausea
  • dizziness
  • formation of pus
  • excessive swelling
  • fluid accumulation at the surgical area

How can you prevent an infection?

  1. It is important to monitor your health for the mentioned symptoms.
  2. Make sure to keep your incisions and the breasts hygienic at all times.
  3. Follow the precautionary measures that are advised by your surgeon.
  4. Strengthen your body’s immunity to cope with any infections by having a healthy diet.

During your recovery period, make sure to be careful and monitor symptoms of infections. If you start to feel nauseated and you start to vomit, there’s a high chance that your surgical area is infected. In this situation, contacting your surgeon immediately is of utmost importance.

The prescription or action that your surgeon would advise you to do depend on the type of infection you have. If the infections are not that serious, they can be treated with prescribed antibiotics. Severe infections occur rarely and there are corrective surgeries that can be done to address the condition.

How to prevent infection after breast augmentation
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