Breast implants and cancer

Breast implants and cancer

Breast implant procedures also have their ups and downs. Although there is an incredible number of patients that are interested to undergo such procedures, there are also plenty of alarms and concerns when it comes to the safety of the patients. The number one concern is the possibility of having a breast cancer.

Just recently the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found a possible link between breast implants and the development of anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). This cancer of the immune system is very rare. According to the research, women with breast implants have increased risk of developing this type of cancer.

ALCL is a cancer of the lymphatic system. It can develop in various parts of the body. The most common parts are the lymph nodes, in the skin or in the organs throughout the body. It has a very low possibility to develop in the breast. According to the National Cancer Institute, 1 out of 500 women a year in the United States is diagnosed with ALCL.

Cases of ALCL that is developed in the breasts show a ratio of only 3 out of 100 million women a year in the United States. If you have breast implant, it doesn’t mean that you need to freak out and decide your implants to be removed. You just have to keep in mind to follow up with your surgeon in the event you notice unusual symptoms after the surgery.

Though the possibility is very remote, it is always better to know about the non-specific symptoms such as capsular contracture, breast enlargement, tenderness and redness.

Breast implants and cancer
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