Mastopexy step by step

Mastopexy step by step

When it comes to having firm and sexy breasts, there are various factors that can affect their amazing shape and form. Gravity and the natural aging process are among them. If you want to have youthful looking breasts once again, you’re lucky because there are available surgeries that can help you achieve what you want. It is called mastopexy or breast lifting, as known to many.

Let’s know more about mastopexy.

This kind of surgery is performed under general anesthetic. The complexity of the case varies from one patient to another as well as the quantity of breast tissue that is needed to be removed.

Here are the several techniques that are being used in mastopexy:

The usual technique requires an incision to be done in the shape of an anchor. It must follow the natural contour of the breasts. The surgeon will decide prior to the surgery on the level of elevation that would be done to the nipple and the areola. The surplus skin will be removed.  The mammary gland would be placed to a new position. A circular scar will be created around the areola. There would also be a vertical scar going all the way towards the inframammary line, and another scar in the inframammary line. These scars are visible and permanent though they might likely to fade over time and with proper caring.

Mastopexy step by step
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