Numbness of the abdomen after a tummy tuck

Numbness of the abdomen after a tummy tuck

After the tummy tuck procedure, it is a natural condition that you would feel numbness of the abdomen. Months are needed in order to recover from this condition.

What are the factors that can cause this condition?

This surgery requires the surgeon to make a cut in the lower abdomen. This makes possible for the skin to be lifted from the abdomen. During the lifting, the nerves are separated. These nerves are responsible for providing sensation to the abdomen, from the top through the muscles and towards the skin. Damaging the nerves is inevitable because they are too small and it would be impossible for the surgeon to avoid slicing through.

The injured nerves will eventually regenerate and you will regain back the abdominal sensation. However, there is a possibility that some small areas in your abdomen will completely lose the sensation permanently.

Nerves grow about an inch per month. So it’s safe to say that if the incision made in your abdomen is 6 inches long, then you will need 6 months to completely regain back the sensation.

Numbness of the abdomen after a tummy tuck
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