Where is the hip located

Where is the hip located

Just like how the buttocks come with different shapes, the hips have different forms and shapes as well. There is the H-shape, the round shape, square and others.

Oftentimes, patients get confused about the hips. Most patients come to me thinking they don’t need attention to their hips just because they look round and wide enough. Among the top causes of confusion to most patients is the origin of the thigh. The thigh starts where the hips end.

The hips start at the level of the hip bone. You can actually touch the hip bones on the sides of your abdomen. It extends both up and down while the soft tissue starts at the beginning of the hip bone and ends at the beginning of the thigh. It creates a curvature that gives an hourglass shape.

It is crucial to determine what type of hip bone does a patient have before fat injection. If too much fat was injected to the top, it will result to high hips. The good landmark for fat injection is determined by drawing a line between the thigh groin junctions from the highest point of projection. Most of the time, the hip must be blended with the thigh and the thigh with the leg.

Where is the hip located
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