Pain after buttock augmentation

Pain after buttock augmentation

When it comes to buttock augmentation, patients often worry about the pain associated with the procedure. Of course, it is inevitable considering that the surgery involves the placement of large incisions on the butts and placement of prosthetic silicone devices called implants inside of the booties.

The level and intensity of pain depend on the following factors:

  • the type of procedure
  • the patient’s pain tolerance level
  • the surgeon’s expertise and experience
  • aftercare and medications

Pain level after buttock augmentation

The level of pain after buttock augmentation varies from one patient to another.

The pain associated with fat transfer procedure is considered relatively less than the level of pain associated with having butt implants. Fat transfer uses the method of liposuction for harvesting fat from donor areas like the abdomen and sides. Patients will feel minimal pain, but less than the procedure of having butt implants as this procedure involves creating incisions.

A patient with high level of pain tolerance can easily manage the pain with the help of pain relief pills. Usually, a large part of the pain subsides 48 hours after the surgery. The pain completely disappears after a week. If after the given period and you still feel unbearable pain, then contacting your surgeon is highly recommended.

Pain after buttock augmentation
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