Nipple sensation

Nipple sensation

After breast augmentation, experiencing changes in nipple sensation is considered normal. This procedure, of course, required an incision to be made for the placement of the implants. During the process of putting the implants, the nerves that are responsible for providing sensation the breasts are being stretched to accommodate the volume of the implant. The stretched nerves get irritated and that’s the main reason why most patients feel a loss of sensation around the areola complex.

How can we minimize the risk of loss of nipple sensation?

The best way to minimize the risk of this condition is by choosing the most appropriate size of implants. A bigger implant to be put in a small dissected pocket brings a higher risk of damaging the nerves due to stretching. If the volume of the implant is too much for the space that your breast muscles can take, then there is a high possibility that you’ll experience this condition.

There is a different opinion from some surgeons, too. They believe that if the implant has been put through the areola, it can greatly affect the nipple sensation as cutting happens close to the nipple and areolar complex.

So make sure to choose the right size of breast implant so the loss of nipple sensation after the surgery will not be permanent.


Nipple sensation
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