Body contouring after weight loss

Body contouring after weight loss

Plastic surgery is not an overall solution for overweight people. However, it can help a lot. There are lots of health loss programs that are tailored for different individual’s needs. Proper diet and exercise are among these things.

However, extreme weight loss can result to having flabby excess skin. That’s why body contouring procedure is among the top choices of individuals to achieve a better looking figure after undergoing weight loss programs.

People lose weight using different methods, so body contouring procedures vary from patient to patient. Each surgery is specifically tailored to suit a patient’s needs. That is why proper consultation from a skilled and professional surgeon is a must. This is to find out the best procedure needed in order to achieve the best result.

Body contouring can be a combination of different procedures:

-excess skin removal

-facial contouring

-breast augmentation

-breast reduction

-breast lift

-thigh lift

-upper arm lift

-tummy tuck


Your surgeon will determine the combination that you would need depending on the result of your assessment. Just like any major operations, it will take a considerable amount of time to recover. This procedure will also leave scars due to the incisions made to remove the excess fat and skin.

Don’t worry, the scars will eventually heal and lighten over time. Patients are also provided with tailored instructions so recovery will happen as soon as possible.

Body contouring after weight loss
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