Natural breast augmentation

Natural breast augmentation

It is a known fact that breast augmentation with silicone implants comes with risks and other complications. Although there are available treatments for these complications, women tend to look for breast enhancement procedures that use natural methods. When it comes to this case, the breast augmentation surgery that uses the patient’s own fat for enhancement usually becomes the main subject.

Why is this procedure considered as a natural method?

The first reason is that there are no foreign materials or objects that are introduced in the body. Since the cells to be used come from a tissue in the patient’s body, there would only be a natural reaction. That is why this surgery is considered as the one of the safest cosmetic surgery on the market.

What makes a patient a good candidate for breast augmentation that involves fat transfer?

A patient with a good donor area in her body is a great fit for this surgery. The donor area means that you must have a region in your body where the surgeon can harvest fat from excessive fat tissue. Usually, the donor areas are the stomach, flanks, thighs and buttocks. After assessment, liposuction method would be used to extract fat. The harvested fat will then be processed and injected into the breasts.

Natural breast augmentation
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