10 mistakes a breast enhancement patient makes

10 mistakes a breast enhancement patient makes

Undergoing breast enhancement is a method that involves a lot of complications and risk. If not properly performed, patients would surely get one of the biggest regrets of their lives. Worse, it can bring a series of complications and other aesthetic issues that would surely add to the burden. That’s why in case you are planning to undergo plastic surgery for breast enhancement, choosing a qualified, skilled and Board certified plastic surgeon is a must. You should also keep in mind the following mistakes that a patient often commit when it comes to this complicated treatment.

1. Trusting unqualified practitioner/surgeon to perform the surgery
2. Having insufficient information about the background and career of the surgeon and failing to ask for certification and previous works’ testimonials
3. Undergoing surgery mainly to please or impress someone
4. Choosing the wrong breast implant type, size or shape
5. Wearing the same bra after the surgery
6. Taking for granted the new size of their breasts
7. Not using the appropriate surgical bras after the operation
8. Failing to choose the right texture for breast implant
9. Failing to ask the expert for the recommended breast implant size
10. Still undergone surgery even if health professionals have already advised them not to do so

If you want to minimize the risks and possible complications that breast enhancement surgery can bring, make sure to keep these important things in mind. After all, you are the one who’s primary responsible for taking good care of your health and your body.

10 mistakes a breast enhancement patient makes
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