Natural history of breast augmentation

Natural history of breast augmentation

As an interested patient, you need to be open to the fact that once you undergo breast augmentation surgery, your breasts are not going to look the same after a couple of months. The change in result depends on the type of breasts you have prior to the surgery, as well as on their firmness.

Let’s dive in deeper into this topic. If you have cup-A breasts and you want to have cup-C, procedures will be done to dissect and place implants in your breasts. From cup-A to cup-C, you will need around 400 cc of implants. But think of the space in your breast where the implant would be placed. It is initially small, which means you might get very high and very round breasts. It would look really funny at first. However, your skin is going to stretch slowly over time and it will have more space to accommodate the volume of the implant. Slowly, you’re going to notice a nicer shape of your breasts after a couple of months.

Here’s a patient who has moderate skin tone. She received a 450 to 500 cc implant. After a week, the implants still look so high. But after three weeks, you would notice that the fullness on the top of the breast has been reduced significantly. After five weeks, the round and nice breasts look almost natural. As time goes by, you will notice that your breasts are going to look very nice the more it progresses and ultimately, you are going to be happy with your results.

Natural history of breast augmentation
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