Mons lift with a tummy tuck

Mons lift with a tummy tuck

Some events like child birthing cause your skin to loosen up or to cause excess skin. It can be worse to the point that you have to consider a tummy tuck. After the surgical operation, one of the areas that are seriously affected is the area above the vagina which is called as the mons pubis. Pregnancy causes this part to drop and sag. You do not have to worry anymore because this can be resolved with a tummy tuck.

The tummy tuck will give its full attention to the excess skin in the abdomen and the mons area. The surgeon has to mark the area of the abdomen that will be sliced before doing the incision. The mons and the vagina should be pulled upwards to make sure that the scar is in the right position.

So why is there a need to make the incision in the right location? This is to ensure that the excess skin will not remain. To utilize the elasticity of the abdomen, the skin must be pulled mainly from the mons to lift it. Also, the incision should be as low as possible. You have to tell your surgeon to assess the excess skin on the mons first before conducting the procedure.

Mons lift with a tummy tuck
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