What is silent rupture of silicone gel

What is silent rupture of silicone gel

From the name of this condition, you can easily get the idea that this is hardly noticeable. When it comes to the silicone breast implants that are made up of silicone gel, ruptures can happen if the implants have fabrication defects. Though this is such a rare situation, it can be quite alarming as the silicone gel won’t dissolve in the body the way saline solution does. Because it is not absorbed by the body, the leakage might not be noticeable and visible for quite some time.

There are cases when silent ruptures can happen as the surgeon places the implants inside the breasts. The surgery will be postponed as new implants are needed. If it happens quite some time after the intervention, you shouldn’t panic as this condition is not life-threatening. The consistency of the cohesive silicone gel will prevent the foreign substance to spread or migrate in other parts of the body.

Because it can take a while before the rupture can be visible, you must be aware of its signs such as the flatness of the breasts and the burning sensation or itchiness around the breast area. To officially confirm if a silent rupture has occurred, you need to undergo an echography. Once confirmed, your surgeon will need to perform a revision surgery.

What is silent rupture of silicone gel
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