Expectations after a tummy tuck

Expectations after a tummy tuck

In order to get a well-toned abdomen, more and more patients are getting interested to undergo tummy tuck procedure. The reasons behind their interest can be aging, pregnancy, excessive loss of weight, or simply because of genetics.

If you’re among these patients, it’s good to know the realistic aspect why this procedure is performs so that your expectations wouldn’t disappoint you.

Here are the facts you should know about tummy tuck surgery before setting up your expectations:

  • This procedure cannot be used to lose weight.
  • You can’t avoid stretch marks through this surgery.
  • If you are planning to get pregnant, it’s not recommended to undergo a tummy tuck surgery.
  • There’s a high possibility of scarring.
  • Swelling, pain and bruising are part of a tummy tuck surgery

This procedure can cost over $5,500, depending on your chosen surgeon.

Before undergoing a surgery, it all begins with your personal decision and goal to achieve a well-toned abdomen. It is important to talk to the experts first before visualizing what you would look like after the surgery. The result of the procedure varies from patient to patient, so make sure to listen to your surgeon as he/she is explaining about the whole process.

Expectations after a tummy tuck
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