Capsular contracture after breast enhancement

Capsular contracture after breast enhancement

Capsular contracture is one of the most common complications associated with breast enhancement. There are various factors that are known to affect the manifestation of the problem.

First, the silicone implants and the saline implants. It is widely known that silicone implants lead to a higher chance of capsular contracture. However, there are newer implants with better shell and less potential for silicone tissue reaction that are being used by surgeons today.

In case of capsular contracture, the shell of the implant is known to cause variations. The implant shell, also called as the implant bag can come either smooth or textured. When textured implants are placed over the muscle, there is a less possibility of experiencing capsular contracture but when placed under the muscle both types have similar incidences of capsular contracture. Keep in mind, the placement of the implant also affects the incidence of capsular contracture.

The occurrence of capsular contracture can vary around 10% at 10 years. There are specific cases of capsular contracture that require a revision of surgery. Good thing there does not appear to be any immune response of the body that results in a capsular contracture.

But as mentioned, the exact incidence of capsular contracture will depend on how the scientific study was made, what type of implant was used, the time since the surgery, the grading system and other factors.

Capsular contracture after breast enhancement
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