Breast assymetries

Breast assymetries

Among the things that surgeons find it hard to explain to most women is that their breasts are sisters and not twins. Whether you’re planning to undergo breast augmentation or not, you need to know that all women on Earth have some sort of asymmetry in their breasts, as with every part of the body. There’s no reason to worry as these conditions are perfectly normal.

When it comes to breasts, the most common asymmetries are as follow:

-Areola is larger on one side.

-Nipples slightly differ in volume.

-There is sagginess in one breast.

-A breast can be constricted on one side.

-The inframammary fold and lateral mammary fold are mismatched.

-There is an unequal breast tissue distribution in different quadrants.

Why are these facts important especially if you’re planning to undergo breast augmentation?

Right after the operation, women tend to look on their breasts 24/7. If you are not aware about the normal asymmetries before the surgery, you might be bothered to notice that your breasts are not the same after the procedure.

Remember, what breast asymmetries you have before will be retained after surgery. In case the breasts have more than 50 to 75 cc of volume difference, only will the surgeon apply necessary corrections. Most practitioners and surgeons use a breast sizer on the bigger breast to know the volume of the implant to be used and then insert a bigger implant in the smaller one to match the volume.

By being aware of these facts, you would surely be a satisfied patient!

Breast assymetries
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