Buttock shapes

Buttock shapes

The result of buttock augmentation surgery often varies depending on the shape of the patient’s buttocks. That’s why prior to your surgery, you must be aware of the shape of your bottom. This is extremely important because buttock augmentation is a major sculpting procedure.

Buttocks can have an A-shape, a V-shape, a round shape or a square. Most surgeons and patients believe that an A-shaped buttock is the best shape of all and most surgeries aim to recreate an overall hourglass shape or A-shaped buttocks.

So you’re really lucky if you already have this shape as the foundation! Your surgeon will assess the shape of your buttocks by measuring the width of the buttocks at the top, in the middle, and at the bottom. The soft-tissue envelope that surrounds the muscle of your buttocks and the body structure determine the shape.

Remember that your surgeon has control only when it comes to the removal or addition of fat in different areas. If the assessment reveals that you have a V-shaped, a square or round buttocks, each will use different sets of surgical techniques to achieve the most desired outcome.

Assessing the skin tone is crucial as well when it comes to setting expectations. This helps your surgeon to determine how much buttock projection and shape transformation can be accomplished during the surgery.
So, what buttock shape do you have?

Buttock shapes
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