Buttock liquid silicone injection part 10 – medical treatment

Buttock liquid silicone injection part 10 – medical treatment

Buttock augmentation surgery comes in different types. But because these types of medical cosmetic surgeries come quite costly, other patients turn into liquid silicone injection that is much cheaper. In return, most of them have developed silicone granumolas and other health complications that can be deadly.

There are continuous studies that look for a medical treatment that can deal with the complications that have been diagnosed while they are still in the early ages of development especially for silicone granumolas. While there are positive effects and intrinsic calming that happens, the effects are not suitable for a long time. There are aspects to be looked upon thoroughly.

The usual effect of Buttock liquid silicone injection is irritation and non-steroidal calming medicines are usually prescribed by certified surgeons to deal with the condition. There are also antibiotic medication and specific anti-toxins that have been proven helpful in decreasing irritation.

There are new discoveries of Etanercept and Imiquimid that are being looked thoroughly as well. They are both oral and injectable steroids that also lessen the discomfort of irritation. However, the medical field is closely monitoring the further effects of these medications before they fully support the impacts of this intricacy.


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