Buttock liquid silicone injections part 3 – the fda approved liquid silicone

Buttock liquid silicone injections part 3 – the fda approved liquid silicone

With cosmetic surgeries dramatically ruling the new generation, more and more women and men are getting interested to undergo certain kinds of procedures that can help them achieve the physical appearance that they’ve always dreamed of.

But because not everyone has the means to afford the surgeries that are being performed by Board Certified plastic surgeons, there are interested patients that turn into injecting liquid silicone into the parts of their bodies that need enchantment.

However, there’s a strict standard and policy that the FDA wants everyone to know. The liquid silicone injections that are circulating in the black market are mainly used for mechanical purposes. Have you ever thought of the ramifications of your decision if this liquid silicone gets injected into your body? Though you might be aware of the information from the FDA, your goal to achieve your dream figure might be stronger than these warnings. But you have to know, even years after the injection; you will never be free from the consequences of your actions.

The FDA had been extremely alarmed when a survey from 1990 showed that liquid silicone injection was the 9th most popular cosmetic procedure on the market. It was banned. However, there are other individuals who will do anything just to earn money, even to put the lives of others in danger.

It is your choice to have this horrifying and hazardous substance in your body. Do not fall into the trap of cheaper surgery as you would find yourself spending more in the long run in medical treatments and other revision surgeries.

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