Brazilian buttock lift aftercare

Brazilian buttock lift aftercare

Women these days are very conscious when it comes to the shape, firmness and roundness of their buttocks. It is considered as one of the factors that define the beauty of a woman. That’s why it is not surprising that most of them opt to undergo Brazilian butt lift surgery.

Although proven relatively safe, just like any other major operations, patients must be aware of their responsibilities to sustain good butt lift result. After the procedure, your skilled surgeon will provide you personalized instructions for a smooth and safe recovery.

Here are the aftercare tips in order to sustain Brazilian butt lift result:

1. Patients are advised to avoid sitting during the recovery period. This usually lasts for 2-4 weeks. Do not apply pressure to your butt.

2. Avoid doing high-endurance activities like running, jumping and weight lifting in the first 2 months. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, avoid doing sports. You should not do bending and stretching as well.

3. Avoid smoking. There are studies that proved carbon monoxide gas, tar and nicotine in the smoke affects the normal circulation of blood to the newly injected fat in your buttocks and it can also cause blood clotting.

4. Follow specific sleep and resting positions. Most patients are advised to sleep on their stomach or on their side so that the fats injected in the butt will remain unspoiled and will have enough time to vascularize.

5. Wear compression garments for the recommended time period. This will deal with the post-operative swelling and will help you to recover faster.

6. Do not expose your body to the sun. This can extremely damage the result as direct heat has the tendency to trigger extensive scars. Avoid direct exposure to the sun for at least six months.

7. Avoid engaging in sexual intercourse during the first 3-6 weeks.

Brazilian buttock lift aftercare
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