Brazilian butt lift projection

Brazilian butt lift projection

For patients who desire to have a fuller buttock with a nice projection, the Brazilian butt lift is often recommended. Commonly known as fat transfer, this procedure is an effective way to improve your rear ends.

The Brazilian butt lift also provides you a projection that contributes to the ideal hourglass figure. Even if you have square shape buttocks, this intervention can help you achieve your desired projection. With the help of liposuction that is devised to remove the excess fat from different areas of your body, your surgeon will determine how much fat is needed to be injected depending on the availability of surplus fat, the aesthetic condition of your buttocks and of course, your realistic expectations.

The volume of fat needed for projection always varies from patient to patient. The average fat volume women require to achieve their desired results is 600 cc to 800cc in each butt. This means that it will take about 900cc to 1200cc of fat in total to make a visible difference to your buttocks.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have additional fat to your buttocks. If you have surplus fat available from other regions of your body, you can even achieve 800cc of fat in each butt for better projection.

Brazilian butt lift projection
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