How Can You Achieve a Wasp Waist

How Can You Achieve a Wasp Waist

Every woman is dreaming of a 36-24-36 body figure. However, achieving this is not a piece of cake. Some engage themselves in physical exercises while some do vegan eating. Some women undergo surgeries because, for them, this is the easiest and fastest way to attaining the perfect body shape.

Various ways have been developed to accomplish the smallest waist possible. Numerous factors such as the fat above the muscle as well as any weakness in the abdominal wall should be taken into consideration when someone talks about achieving the hour-glass shape.

There are specific procedures to be followed depending on the patient’s needs and desired results. If you never had babies but you still have excessive fat, the hourglass hip procedure will result in the shape that you desire. This is possible through liposuction in which fat is collected to decrease the waist area. The removed fat is then transferred to the hip area to achieve a better hip-to-waist ratio.

On the other hand, if you had babies, an hourglass tummy tuck will be the best solution for you. In this procedure, liposuction will be performed in your waist, abdomen, and upper and lower back. The fat is then transferred to the hip making an ultimate pre-baby tummy tuck. Having a lower body enhancement can be best associated with increasing breast size.

Having a larger bust can improve your proportion, bringing the hour-glass shape in you. Also, the hourglass buttock implant and the hourglass buttock augmentation with fat will provide you a nicer hourglass shape in the lower half of the body with a nicer behind. Both of these procedures include the hip area if there is enough fat to improve the lower half of the body.

How you get a wasp waist
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